I worship the sun, 
I think that all monsters are masks, 
I rebel and want to comply, 
This is my madness. 

I cry for the lost father of a lovely child, 
I feel the impotence of the unbreachable gap between us, 
I stop caring. I get on with my day.
This is my madness. 

I think,
I am too impatient,
too willing, 
too young and too old, 
not enough and yet somewhat overbearing. 

I try to resist my contradiction so you won't judge me, 
I make a mistake and wish I hadn't disappointed you, 
I take the blame for everything as if I were chief executive. 

This is my madness. 
Wanting keys to locks that don't exist on doors that always open.
I laugh at my codependence, 
My narcissism, 
At yours, 
and see... 

that we are tiny, 
that we are children, 
that we are silly.

Another Hamlet, 
Make him a she, 
and the gender issue, 
the trans issue, 
the language issue, 
and politics, 
and community...

This is our madness, 
It's not just me. 


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